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(updated on 5/26/18)

At least one representative MUST attend the Captains Meeting (Friday June 22nd at 6:30 PM at Wehrlen Brothers Marina) to register and receive pertinent tournament information.

  1. All boats MUST display an entry number on the port and starboard sides of their vessel.
  2. A boat may fish on Saturday, June 23rd or Sunday, June 24th: Captain's choice, one day fishing only! Or, take advantage of the TWO DAY OPTION: a boat may fish both days by submitting an application with the TWO DAY OPTION box checked off along with double the daily entry fee. The entry form and fees MUST be turned in at the Captains Meeting (Saturday, June 23rd). Two separate numbers (one entry number for Saturday & one number for Sunday) will be assigned to any boat fishing the TWO DAY OPTION.
  3. Mandatory check-out will be required, between 5:0AM and 7:00AM, on the morning(s) you intend to fish. Check out will be via video, proceed to the Mako Mania Banner at the south side of the Manasquan inlet just after the monument and have your boat number card visible on your Starboard Side.
  4. Boats must start the tournament fishing day via Manasquan Inlet to qualify for prizes.
  5. All boats MUST finish via the Manasquan Inlet and weigh-in at Captain Bills Landing (gas dock on Inlet Drive) to qualify for prizes.
  6. The Weigh Station will open at 4:00 PM on both Saturday and Sunday. No sharks will be weighed prior to 4:00 PM.
  7. Boats must leave from the Manasquan Inlet only to allow for the same competitive advantage immediately after checking out
  8. Any boat that intends to weigh-in a mako shark or thresher shark, must pass through the mouth of the Manasquan Inlet (between the rock jetties) prior to 7:00 PM on the day they elected to fish. NO EXCUSES! Any contestant that intends to weigh-in a mako shark but has not entered the mouth of Manasquan Inlet by 6:30 PM MUST call in the boat name, the assigned boat number and their location to a Tournament Committeeman on channel 69.
  9. This is a MAKO FIRST tournament: 83" minimum fork length. For conservation purposes, it is requested that all other sharks be tagged and released.  Bonus of $2,000.00 for largest qualifying Thresher Shark over 66”
  10. All mako sharks, 83" and over in fork length, will be judged by weight only.
  11. All sharks MUST be caught on rod and reel, 130 pound class maximum.
  12. There will be a maximum of six anglers per boat and a maximum of six lines in the water at one time.
  13. Boats SHALL NOT fish within one half mile of another boat. While under way, please avoid established chum slicks and pass other vessels, engaged in shark fishing, on the up-wind side.
  14. Positively NO TRANSFERRING of sharks between vessels at the dock or at sea prior to weigh-in.
  15. Mako and thresher sharks to be weighed-in shall be in their natural state. No jaws wired.
  16. Boats may only retain and weigh-in one shark per day as per National Marine Fisheries Service regulations.
  17. All fishermen are expected to comply with state and federal laws. Fishing illegally without an HMS permit or NJ Saltwater Recreational Registration number is a violation that will be dealt with by federal or state conservation officers and the courts, not the tournament committee. If a summons is levied against an individual or vessel owner during the tournament fishing days that has weighed-in a contending mako shark, prize money for that place will be held until a court has determined whether or not the shark was caught legally.
  18. The Tournament Committee has the right to retain and/or confiscate all eligible mako sharks for internal inspection by the Tournament Committee, a marine biologist and/or pathologist.
  19. After check-out, VHF Channel 69 will be used for all tournament related communications. Please keep it clear. Channel 70 will be utilized as a first alternative.
  20. All contestants, participants and/or passengers on a contending vessel agree to submit to a lie-detector examination if requested by the Tournament Committee.
  21. All boats MUST report any mako caught, 83" and over, to Committee Boat via VHF channel 69, immediately after the shark has been landed.
  22. Any boat assisting a disabled vessel MUST report the circumstances immediately to a Committeeman via channel 69.
  23. ALL CONTESTANTS PARTICIPATE, FISH, AND SAIL AT THEIR OWN RISK! The Captain and crew are solely responsible for deciding whether or not to fish.
  24. There is no "WEATHER DAY." Any Captain concerned about the safety of his crew and vessel due to severe weather conditions may apply for a refund from the Tournament Committee. Requests for a refund will only be accepted at the Captains Meeting or up until 7:00AM, Saturday June 11th. Refunds are subject to a $50.00 administrative fee. Maritime law prevails
  25. The Tournament may be altered, canceled, postponed or extended to other dates by the Tournament Committee.
  26. In the event the tournament is canceled, or no eligible Mako sharks are landed, the remaining places will be filled by qualified 66” or greater Thresher Sharks.  The Tournament will pay out (4 places).  If no eligible Sharks are landed, the Traditional Calcutta and the Shark-Man Calcutta winners will be determined by drawing from a hat. There will be no refunds.
  27. The High Rolle and the WHALE Calcuttas, less 10 percent charitable donation to the GPPCBA Ship Sinking Fund and the Lustgarten Foundation, will be refunded if no eligible sharks are caught
  28. In case of a tie, the first fish weighed in will take the position.
  29. In the event all four places are not filled, the remaining prize money will be split proportionately between the other winners.
  30. In the event three hundred boats are not entered, a proportionate percentage of the prize money will be awarded.
  31. To win the 2018 Chevy Silverado Truck, the N.J. State Record for short fin mako must be exceeded (currently 856 pounds). The heaviest mako shark, approved by the NJDEP Div. of Fish and Wildlife Record Fish Program and the Insurance Company will be considered for the prize. Only one vehicle/prize will be awarded to the heaviest record breaker. The truck title will be issued to the individual that is listed on the tournament registration application form unless a note, signed by the entrant, depicts otherwise.  Federal and N.J. Sales tax is the responsibility of the prize winner
  32. There will be no refunds, for any reason, one hour after the start of the first day of fishing, including mechanical failures.
  33. If controversy occurs, a formal protest may be submitted to the Tournament Committee for determination and decision. The protest must be made, IN WRITING and BEFORE MIDNIGHT to a Tournament Committee representative on the day the alleged infraction occurred. A Protest Form, with applicable instructions, will be included in each Captain's Bag. Protests submitted after the day and time limit will not be considered.
  34. All Tournament Committee decisions are final.
  35. All winners MUST submit their social security number or corporate I. D. number prior to the award of any prize or Calcutta money.
  36. Checks will be made out to the entrants name listed on the application form unless a note, signed by the entrant, depicts otherwise.
  37. Every boat contending MUST be equipped with a working VHF radio, all USCG mandatory safety equipment and EPIRB.
  38. Your Captains Bag (received at registration) will contain an additional copy of the Rules, Regulations and Check-out Procedures.
  39. All contestants MUST read the Rules and Regulations and agree to abide by them.