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Mako Mania 2015


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Standings 2015
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Weight Boat Captain Crew
1st Place Prize: $
153. 8 Lbs Jeffrey Crilly
2nd Place Prize: $
118 Lbs Nick Mancini
$20, 241.00

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Standings 2014
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Weight Boat Captain Crew
1st Place Prize: $171,483
319.9 Lbs Pete Casagrande John Casagrande, Chuck Casagrande, Greg Hueth, Dave Baldwin.
Angler: Pete O’Neil
2nd Place Prize: $37,520
300.2 Lbs Alexander Jankovick Joe Morril, Sal Schebelle, Anthony Marrone, Joe Janusz
Angler: Alexander Jankovick
3rd Place Prize: $21,635
257.2 Lbs Robert Poskay Mike Poskay, Joe Lombardi, Dan Brooksbank, John Rauschenberger
Angler: Mo Hill
4th Place Prize: $5,067
245.3 Lbs Mike Kocubinski, Sr. Mike Kocubinski, Jr., Kirk Ferrier.
Angler: Dennis Pontani
5th Place Prize: $3,040
209.2 Lbs Lou Bizzarro Bill Rhead.
Angler: Glen Toth
6th Place (Tie) Prize: $2,027
207.8 Lbs Lee Gamboni Joe Barcly.
Angler: AJ Tufts

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