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Standings 2013
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Weight Boat Captain Crew
1st Place Prize: $41,363
375 Lbs Chuck Heil Bob Glasson, Chuck Heil Jr., Randy Drozd, Randy Drozd, Brian McAuley, Jeff Redwine
2nd Place Prize: $20,682
327.5 Lbs Ken Hager David McKendrick, Ryan Hager, Jay Monteverdi, Bob Evertz, JP Monteverdi
3rd Place Prize: $10,341
260.5 Lbs Richard Deluccia Greg Snack, Bryan Ingram, Jeff Klien,
Bob Ford, Jake Klien
4th Place Prize: $5,170
220.5 Lbs Michael Murray Greg Murray, Jim Murray, Mark Murry, Tim Macpas,
Tom Hawkins, Dan Fr.
5th Place Prize: $3,102
219.5 Lbs Mark Calzaretta Tom Phillips, Alan Sutton, Art Stokes (GPPCBA member)
6th Place (Tie) Prize: $2,068
216.5 Lbs Mitch Paris Doug Paris, Ed Salstead, Mike Miles, Andy Grow

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